About Chef Stephan

Awarded twice for excellence with the United States Air Force, Chef Stephan love for food started since his early teens when he and his brother would cook together for their mother, but his “Baptême de Feux” in the kitchen came his Senior Year in High School when he got an opportunity to work with his cousin Chef Patrick Beaulieu. During his early college year, he would start his own catering business and would cook for college friends and family while pursuing a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. While continuing his studies, he spent a year in Haiti interning at one of the top hotels “El Rancho”. When he came back to the states, decided to postpone his studies in Hospitality Management and decided to attend culinary school at Johnson & Wales one of the most recognized institutions in the industry. While attending Johnson & Wales University, Stephan received many awards and recognition as a young culinarian and was chosen to be part of the Taste of the NFL to support hunger in South Florida. Upon completing his degree at Johnson & Wales Miami campus, he moved to Omaha Nebraska to do his internship at the Double Tree Hotel and joined the American Culinary Federation chapter where he was featured as an up and coming young chef in the 1999 Discover American Cuisine. Continuing to develop his skills, after his internship working for Sodexho Marriot and Bakers Supermarket where he worked with the ACF chapter president in developing a new concept in offering fresh items created by chef’s in a supermarket setting.

In 2001 moves to Tampa, FL where he continued to sharpen his skills in the industry while finishing his second degree in Communication and Marketing. In 2001 while still in Tampa, Chef Stephan was invited by A.C.T.I.O.N Foundation at their event “Haiti: From a Legacy of Freedom to an Explosion of Culture” for the city of Miami to feature culinary delights from his home country Haiti. After Tampa, he and his family where moved to Ogden Utah through the United States Air Force, joined the officer’s club as the catering and special events chef. A few months later, being recognized for his talents, Chef Stephan was called to become the base General personal chef, for special events at his private home. A year later, Stephan was recommended to become the Air Force Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director at a base in Fort Walton Beach Florida. While stationed there, Chef Stephan receives one of the most important awards in his career including the coin for outstanding service by the Air Force top General and the Secretary of the Air Force.

He got to cook for many important personalities including Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary of the Air Force and Air Force Chief of Staff 4 Star General. After the birth of son, he decides to moves back to Utah to be with his family where he opened two café’s for the Ogden Air Force Base and also became culinary trainer and instructor for the department of Food Services. In 2006 he opened his first restaurant “The Chronicle” for two young entertainment industry moguls and later that year met with Nadege Fleurimond, of Fleurimond Catering and Young Culinary Masters, a non-for-profit foundation that teaches young kids to eat healthier through culinary classes. Stephan joined her team both as an instructor for the foundation but also as her Executive Chef for her catering business. Together they worked on many great projects together including the Black Culinary Alliance Food & Wine event at Tavern on the Green and Dr. Oz annual fund raising Gala for Healthcorp.

In 2009, after a life changing experience, decides to relocate to home country Haiti. Little did he know that his career would also be taken in a different direction. His meetings with some incredible people like current Minister of Tourism Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, Top Chef contestant Ron Duprat, Chef Jean-Luc Grabowski & now friend and partner Jean-Max Chauvet would take him on this great culinary adventure. In 2011 Chef Stephan spearheads Haiti Food & Wine Festival–Gout et Saveurs Lakay, the first food festival of its kind in Haiti. With the success of his first project and a number of things unfolding quite fast, he new where he wanted to go with his vision. In 2012, with 2 other Chefs and friends Jouvens Jean and Markens Isidore, he co-founds Haiti Chef for Education, an organization geared at supporting culinary and hospitality education in Haiti. Chef Stephan is featured in a number of magazines and becomes the face of the Culinary Industry in Haiti.

Chef Stephan has gotten the opportunity to cook for the Prime-Minister & President of Haiti both at his private home and for a special event with a number of officials from different Caribbean countries. In May 2013 he travels on a Culinary tour with invitations from the Haitian Embassy in Venezuela and the Haitian Embassy in Washington D.C where he spent a week cooking for a special tasting at the embassy, the world bank and two dishes being featured at Jaleo, Celebraty Chef Jose Andres tapas restaurant in downtown D.C.

In 2012 he co-founds Culinary Events with partner Jean-Max Chauvet Marketing Director of the biggest news paper in Haiti and event planner extraordinaire Johanne Buteau to bring to fruition and success to the second edition of Gout et Saveurs Lakay-Haiti Food & Spirits Festival. He receives a plaque from the minister of Tourism for his success and effort for Gout et Saveurs Lakay and the continued promotion of local products and Haitian Gastronomy. Chef Stephan was invited to represent Haiti by the Ministry of Tourism in a number of activities including the Bolta Touristico del Caribe and brings home two medals including a silver medal for his dish Paella Creole with the Haitian djondjon and Hello Santo Domingo, a tourism event where Haiti was in honor. During a special visit to Haiti for her foundation Chefs for Humanity, he gets to meet internationally acclaimed and first female Iron Chef Cat Kora. During this visit, Chef Stephan gets to work with her preparing a fund raising dinner at Brasserie Quartier Latin. Later that year, Chef Stephan receives an honored invitation to become a Culinary Ambassador for Chefs for Humanity. That same year, Chef Stephan meets Chef Jose Andres whom he became friends with and participates in a promotional video with him promoting Haiti and its gastronomy.

In 2013 joining forces with 3 other Johnson & Wales Alumni’s, friends & colleagues, Chef Stephan co-founds as Chairman and President, the Haitian Culinary Alliance USA to continue his vision of promoting unity among Haitian professionals in the culinary and hospitality industry and to promote Haitian Gastronomy all over the world. He believes strongly in elevating this industry to new standards. In May, he is invited by the Haitian Embassy in Venezuela and Washington DC to present Haitian Gastronomy at its finest. During his visit in Washington, Chef Stephan along side pastry Chef Valery Abraham get to cook for a one of a kind dinning experience organize by the Haitian Ambassador and also get to present in the executive kitchen of the World Bank. That same week, two of Chef Stephan creation are feature at Jose Andres restaurant Jaleo for a week, part of the promotion put together by the Haitian Embassy. An invitation from Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism puts Chef Stephan on a national campaign video to promote Haiti’s tourism all over the world.

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